TV Grad Project: Meet The Clan

Meet The Clan - TV Grad Project

Meet The Clan was a collaborative project with two TV Entertainment students tasked with the creation of a pilot episode for a TV show concept. My job was to create the initial branding which would be carried through as part of the production design and onto stings and animated sequences throughout the show. The concept was to bring together members of an online gaming clan who have never meet in person and see how they perform when faced with real world challenges.

An original concept mixing the worlds of esports and Big Brother style TV shows.

Other graphics included the creation of Clan logos for The Spectral Penguinz, animated maps to serve as information throughout each challenge, player profiles and on-screen HUD elements such as timers and ammo counts. The video below represents a short selection of the motion graphics produced for the show using After Effects with vector illustrations created in Adobe Illustrator.

Logo Progression

My instinct for this project was to take the branding down a retro 8bit gaming route influenced by classic games of the past. A look that immediately communicates the idea of video gaming. As we progressed we started to look at more blatant references to popular online games such as World of Warcraft and Fornite, leading to the final designs which appropriately inhabit a more contemporary world of esports.