Windrush – Working as a Runner for the Channel 4 News Documentary

Windrush for Channel 4 News

For this Channel 4 News documentary Windrush: The Veterans, I spent the day assisting our motion graphics tutor Rosie Holtom on a shoot to create footage and assets for the opening titles design. My main duties for the day were to organise props (many of which consisted of the interviewees personal belongings) and collect, label, check and backup all footage as it came out of the camera – careful to ensure that the large quantity of footage we acquired was ready and accessible in an organised fashion for the next days editing.

Other tasks included general assistance to the Director of Photography Ronnie McQuillan, ageing replica props, and making the perfect jam sandwich which was used to illustrate a veteran’s story. This was a quick turnaround project requiring that we shot all necessary footage in one day so that the title sequence could be edited together, colour graded and combined with other graphic elements in After Effects the following day.

A fantastic opportunity representing my first experience a live project shoot, and a proud first TV credit (along with my classmate Kai Rowlands) for this excellent Channel 4 News documentary.