TV Grad Project: Let Me Cook For You

Let Me Cook For You - TV Dating Show

Let Me Cook For You was a TV Entertainment graduation project for which I designed the logo and 3D animated title sequence. The show itself is a combination of First Dates, Blind Date and Love Island where three contestants cook to win a date with one single lady. The finished title sequence was made using a combination of Adobe Illustrator, Cinema 4D and After Effects.

Logo Design

The logo itself plays with the obvious heart iconography with added tropical elements that work with the set design and music. I also introduced the idea of the ‘love maze’ that could act as a device for title sequence animation and stings.


Taking the maze idea a step further I planned out a title sequence where the camera would travel through the maze passing footage from the show before zooming out to settle on the final title image. Having the footage projected on the walls of the maze would prove a technical challenge (this being my first Cinema 4D project) but would serve as a good opportunity to get to grips with the software.

Let Me Cook For You - Storyboards
Drawn Storyboard

My initial 3D test also served as a moodboard to pitch the idea to the show’s producer. The version of the heart shape in the centre of this visual represents the set design for the show – my idea being that the title image could fade out to reveal the real set underneath (assuming we could get the birds-eye view shot).

Let Me Cook For You - 3D Test
The Maze – 3D Test

An early 3D animation test allowed me to develop the sequence further, making adjustments to the maze and test camera moves. The storyboards at this stage reflect my first idea to have the sequence cut with 3 different camera moves. This was later changed in favour one long camera move travelling through the maze.

Let Me Cook For You - Colour Storyboards
Colour Storyboards

Using stills from a Cinema 4D render I created a new set of storyboards to act as a guide for the shoot and placement of all the footage elements. This would later be composited in After Effects using Cinema 4D’s object buffer and composting tags.

Selected Stills

The final sequence incorporated all of the available footage plus colour grading, glow and lens flare effects finished in After Effects.