Peter and Cheri Film Poster Design by Christopher King

Our First NFTS Project: Peter and Cheri

In our very first project at the NFTS, our tutor picked at random from a list of six a fictional film title, director, actors and synopsis from which we had to design a poster. The brief was to create initial concepts that could be honed into a final piece with an explanation of our thinking.

For our tutors it was also a good way of establishing the various skills levels within our group. For example, my background in print has given me a solid foundation in 2D design and type using Photoshop and Illustrator, whereas others in the group are more video and 3D orientated.

This task became an exercise in familiarising myself with the films of Lynne Ramsay, the actors, and the type of films they make. Looking at Ramsay’s films such as We Need to Talk About Kevin and You Were Never Really Here, it was clear that her films cover dark themes and challenging subjects, so the design needed to reflect this. In contrast he actors Reece Sheersmith and Sheridan Smith tend to appear in lighter (if not darkly comic) BBC TV based content such as Inside Number 9 and The League of Gentlemen.

Directed by Lynne Ramsey¬†starring Reece Sheersmith and Sheridan Smith – “Cheri works in a call centre and is charmed by a customer, but all is not what it seems.” Drama/romance

Although the synopsis might have suggested a romantic film, I thought that bearing in mind the film maker and actors, that this film would take a more sinister direction, subverting characters and situations, and moving the plot into unexpected, murderous directions. The broken heart icon worked well for this theme and also gave an opportunity to use broken details of the actors faces, further suggesting a destabilised mood. A modern fashion based font hinted at a possible romantic element that plays against the dark imagery leading you to ask question about where this film might go.