Logo and Title Stings for Video Game Project: Bee Kind

Bee Kind - The Video Game

A collaboration with a graduating Games Design student at the NFTS, this ongoing project required a full branding package for social media, trade shows and promotional posters. The game itself is a tablet based game designed to take you on a journey through a typical garden while teaching players (through narration provided by the Science and Natural History Department) of the importance of the humble Bee to our eco system.

Below is an example of a quick 3 second title sting used at the beginning and end of social media videos, with similar versions incorporated in to the game itself.

The initial logo design was heading in a more childish direction before we adopted an alternative design that felt more inclusive of all ages and suitable for being placed in schools, museums and garden centres alike.

Unused Logo Designs

Before we settled on the final logo design I explored a more childish, Disney inspired look which was ultimately scrapped in favour of something with more universal appeal.