Just for Fun: Workplace Group Headers

NFTS Workplace Headers by Christopher King

“Hey, Chris. It would be great if you could design us a Workplace Header!”

And so started my journey into designing the headers for virtually every Workplace group at the NFTS. Starting with what should have been a one-off for the Short Courses page (a spin on the 80s favourite Short Circuit), requests quickly started flooding in from other groups and classes all wanting their own film related header.

This turned into an interesting (and quite fun) exercise in finding a film or TV show that related to the group, editing the original poster and finding the perfect fonts. Some were easier than others (commercials proving particularly tricky) and some group names such as Creative Business for Entrepreneurs and Executives required a particularly creative solution.

Workplace is basically the same as Facebook, but used for internal communications in businesses, schools and large organisations.

The model making department even went so far as to have theirs made up in to a massive sign for their studio!