Infographics Project: 10 Facts about Sixties London

10 Facts About Sixties London

Our second Motion Graphics project was based on illustrating 10 facts around a chosen subject. Options included 10 facts about Foxes, The London Underground, Climate Change, The Sahara and the Human Body. I decided to pick Sixties London for the opportunity it offered to play with iconic film posters, pop art and fashion imagery.


Drawing on extensive research I developed a script covering music, film, fashion, photography and politics, and then sketched out several storyboards in attempt to create seamless transitions from scene to scene. As an After Effects novice there were some ambitious techniques attempted in this piece including a walk cycle, 3D rolling picture blocks, extensive use of footage and sound design, and multiple parallax camera scenes, in particular the closing shot which includes 50 individual layers incorporating a depth of field technique. An interesting experiment with camera techniques that will definitely inspire future projects.

Drawn Storyboards

Colour Storyboards

Selected Stills