Infographic Animation for the London National Park City Campaign

London National Park City - Film by Christopher King

A collaboration with the team behind the London National Park City campaign, this motion graphics project required us to create a short film to promote it’s goals in a fun and engaging way. Working with the provided script of essential facts, along with the idea of a pigeon mascot, I set about designing a piece to feature on the LNPC website, conferences and social media platforms upon launch.

The script included predominately facts and figures relating to London’s green park land and the potential for residents to improve their urban spaces. I felt this suited an infographic style treatment with the facts delivered both on-screen and via a voice over, enabling the piece to work on their website and on devices where it might be viewed with the sound turn off.

My initial storyboards contained an ‘evil pollution’ character that never made it to the final film. The idea being that he would appear over the residents houses, constantly fought back by the activity of planting flowers and trees. The pigeon was also narrating at this point too, along with the 2019 launch date that was later removed so that the film could be used beyond launch.

Many core ideas did remain, but instead of our pigeon narrating the whole piece, I decided to change the approach to more of a ‘day in the life’ film where we follow the pigeon as he travels through London taking snapshots of various activities such as a busy street scene, relaxing in the park, canoeing, and growing vegetables in an allotment.

This offered me the opportunity to include a sense of the real people of London and a visually interesting mix of illustration and photography.

Turning my colour storyboards into an animatic with a newly commissioned female voiceover and music, scenes were further developed to work in time and play with the strengths inherent in the music track. Little ideas such as the pigeon bobbing his head, street lights turning on and flowers popping up in time to the music all add a sense of fun and help to carry the piece along.

From initial brainstorming to completion this film took 11 days to complete.

That included two draft storyboards, one colour storyboard, visual development, illustration of all the assets (completed in Adobe Illustrator), processing of all the photography, voiceover, music, animation, feedback and revisions.