The 5 O’Clock Show

Culture Shock - The National Film and Television School

The 5 O’Clock Show is a magazine show broadcast live from the NFTS to the school’s YouTube channel. The show is made by 10 producers and directors from the TV Entertainment course, split into 5 teams of two focusing on different aspects of the overriding theme and Culture. This was an optional project for us coming at a particularly busy time, so three of us decided to share the workload with me starting things off with the logo and branding designs.

The difficulty of working with ten TV producers and directors was that no singular idea could be decided upon within the group until my time on the project was nearly over. This resulted in a rushed back and forth searching for something on which they could all agree. No one within their team willing to take responsibility for design decisions further exacerbated the problem.

To help get the project moving I presented some initial design ideas using some simple font combinations, simply looking for some creative feedback. Will little constructive criticism coming I turned to the set designer who provided me with his concepts that referenced a youthful Alice in Wonderland vibe with a touch of punk. Lots of abstract shapes with large floral graphics and props. Something I thought was quite interesting and reminded me of the 90’s Channel 4 show Eurotrash.

After some more back and forth on this the look was eventually abandoned in favour of a more urban, broken glass look with references coming from shows like Black Mirror. This was then animated and turned into a title sequence by my classmate Gintare Tamasauskaite.

Logo Design Progression